Rocky Point Vacation


            There is really no reason why you wouldn’t enjoy a lovely and relaxing vacation in Rocky Point in Sonora Mexico. You would think since it is a small port you would get bored fairly easy but I assure you this is not the case. There are many exciting activities you while in Rocky Point. Since Rocky Point is setting right next to the Sea of Cortes one of the most obvious thing would be to relax on the beach. This gives you a numerous of this to do. Like taking an exhilarating ride on a jet ski or hitching a ride on the banana. As well as take a trip on a boat to seal island. This is just mentioning a few of the thing you can do in the water.

        Now when it comes to land activities the list goes on and on.  If something mellow is what you’re looking for you can trsorts 1ake a stroll over to the Malecon and buy some souvenirs to remember your Rocky Point vacation. You can also visit Rocky Point’s museums of history and art. For more excitement you can take an ultra light flight over and marvel over the beauty of this old port from above. For those adrenaline seekers there are 4-whellers for rentals available for vacationers. You can take them to the back of the resort areas, which are covered in sand dunes waiting for you to ride on. Rocky Point though it is a small town it make people fall in love with its beauty and make people keep coming back.

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