Rocky Point Mexico- Undisovered Sea Side Paridise

Rocky Point is the name gringo’s have given to Puerto Penasco, Sonora Mexico. It is just 60 miles over the border from Lukeville, Arizona. It is 210 miles west of Tucson Arizona and 210 miles south of Phoenix. Visitors from out of the area you can fly into Phoenix International Airport rent a car and drive the short four-hour drive to the beach community.

Rocky Point is a delightful get away at the top of the shimmering Sea of Cortez. Currently it is one of the fastest growing communities in Sonora, and all of Mexico. Once a sleepy fishing village it has recently been discovered by vacationers and investors.

This beautiful place has magnificent beaches to play on, ancient lava tide pools to explore, sea shells to collect, breathtaking sunsets and sunrises that bring tears to our eyes, fishing, snorkeling, parasailing, sunset boat trips, and more. Take a day trip by boat to see Bird Island and swim with the sea lions. Enjoy watching pelicans swoop for a tasty morsel, porpoises play and mother whales feed their newborns.

You can rent a big beach house in Los Conchas for a laid back relaxing stress-melting experience or rent a condo in a resort complex with lots of amenities including hot tub, spa, swimming pools, a bar and restaurant close by.

Take your pick of a variety of interesting food from fish tacos to gourmet seafood dishes. Chefs prepare creative entréare a delight to your taste buds. Try drunken shrimp and finish with fried ice cream. There is a variety of night life activities for all ages from light jazz to disco and rap.

Rocky Point is a free port and has easy entry into Mexico with no special visitors permit. The US border patrol will require a valid passport beginning January 1, 2008 to return to the United States.

Property investment is a big plus for a second home, a vacation rental or a family get-away. A new International Airport just opened and a transcontinental coastal highway from San Luis to Hermosillo will be completed on 2008. Investments will just keep growing as property values rise.

Property lots are held in a trust account secured through the Mexican Government and administered by a Mexican Bank. They are safe and protected. Mexico law forbids foreigners from owning land 31 miles form a shore and 63 miles from a border.

If you’re looking for a relaxing and fun Holiday vacation spot—or for a place to invest consider Rocky Point, México you will be glad you did.

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