Rocky Point, how it was born?

Rocky Point, how it was born?

It all began in the early nineteenth century, the area was important for some people and mining companies seeking precious metals and stones.

In 1826 a retired Navy Royal Naval Lieutenant Britain, Lieutenant William Hale Hardy unveiled this port as rocky point due to the rough mound of volcanic rock jutting into the bay.

1928 boulder was founded by a small group of people mostly fishermen in the region for camping fishing seasons totoaba, who was then at its height.

He became a police station in the town of Caborca, taking his first road to Sonoyta as a gateway to their more affluent visitors Arizonans since then was a place of attraction for residents of that state for its beautiful beaches and fishing .

With increasing demand for shrimp from the Japanese increase this activity, forming an essential part of the economic activity of this community, like the arrival of the railway construction in the Sonora-Baja California route. In 1951 it was declared a municipality # 48 in Sonora, 1989 is a reduction in its surface to the municipality Plutarco Elias Calles (Sonoyta) created.

Even her beauty was always admired by visitors was until the time of the 90’s that was taken more seriously this activity as a source of the economy of the region with the arrival of some investments in tourism infrastructure, currently has approximately 6000/4 condominium complex, three golf courses, two Jack Nicklaus signature uo hotel, giving visitors great expectations of fun and relaxation for families during his visit to Rocky Point.

Extending its catchment area of ‚Äč‚Äčtourism not only in Arizona, if not California, New Mexico, Colorado, Nevada, Utha, Etc. Those closest to the border in the US and in Mexico, Baja California and Chihuahua states.

Rocky Point captivate all visitors with its beautiful beaches and its many recreational activities.


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