Rocky Point Had a Party this past Weekend

Rocky Point Had a Party this past Weekend

Semana Santa (holly weekend) was a blast thousands and thousands of tourist elected Rocky point for their vacations this very important season, We had people

Visit us from Arizona, California, Texas and a majority part of people from the cities around Rocky Point , Mexicali, Tijuana, Caborca, Hermosillo, San Luis.

They spend a very good time with their family’s at the beach by riding the banana boats, dancing, preparing food, riding quads, Rhinos, Razers.spring-break

Lots of sunset cruises were on the water with our tourist with live music, food and drinks. Fishing boats with people catching the biggest fish.

In my experience My family and friends traveled from Tucson Arizona spend time with them I even had my little daughters birthday cake. Made a Rocky Point Style ceviche and tostadas at the beach during the day and had cheese hamburgers for dinner.

One of the evenings headed out to the malecon and heard one of the most popular Mexican Miusic (Banda) dancened until our feet where exhausted.

These are the dates where you can have a blast a spend a very good vacation with all the loved ones.

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