Rocky Point Expansion

Well-advanced talks are in progress striving to reach the objective of expanding the city’s domain and in this way satisfy the present needs for housing lots in the city, announced Noé Bañaga Farías, city trustee.

The municipal trustee disclosed that the area presently under discussion covered about 20 hectares situated in the northern part of the San Rafael ejido (communal land).

Simultaneously, he stated, they were also dealing with the San Rafael ejido itself in order to extend the city’s official area. The purpose was to pay enough attention to the urgent need for land within the city.

Bañaga Farías admitted that the shortage of aerial space was a problem that Puerto Peñasco had been facing lately, which now had turned into a priority that had to be overcome in the nearest future possible.

The city trustee emphasized that luckily there was excellent relationship with the coordinator of the communal lands around the city center, and they believed their efforts would show positive results through agreements that were in the process of being reached.

He declared that until agreements were signed to increase the aerial space of the City, the duty of his office was centralized on personally and directly tackling the demands of local citizens.

The city trustee disclosed that they were presently explaining the case to the Peñasco community and why it was not 100% possible to satisfy the existing need for plots.

At the same time, he said, they were working to regulate property taxes according to agreements with the San Rafael ejido and requesting people to pay overdue amounts on their lands.

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