With the airways of Juarez. Queretaro and Tijuana, Peñasco is the closest beach destination

Will be tentatively on 15 April when he restarted for the second time the rate charter tourist flights, the Air Globar Mexican company, with routes Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua, Queretaro and Tijuana, Oscar Palacio Soto, representative of the Port Hotel Peñasco.
The dynamic is the same as the one held last year, said Stewart Hall, where charter flights from three different points of the Mexican Republic arrive in the Sea of ​​Cortez airport on Monday and Friday of each week, so that new account is opened the air travel market in the northwestern state.
He noted that thanks to the efforts of Mayor Alejandro Zepeda Munro, the state governor, Guillermo Padres, the coordinator of Tourism, Javier Tapia Camou and the company Global Air, you bet again to Rocky Point as a destination top tourist and where entrepreneurs from different sectors need to be united and ready to receive important air travel market.
“We have a strong promotional campaign in Ciudad Juarez, Queretaro and Tijuana for opening of tourist type charter flights company Global Air, April 15, so we’re betting a lot on tourism by air, the government state and the company chartered and conventions and we for our part we are in the logistics for transporting passengers, “said the representative of the hotel in Rocky Point.
Soto Palacio states that Puerto Peñasco is the closest beach destination to all the people out of Querétaro and the center of the republic in terms of flight hours, so you must take this situation certainly benefiting all sectors tour of the port.
He recognized that the new airport Sea of ​​Cortez is sacrificing economic revenue for this market is an embodiment air, so the hotel developers must do their part to attractive promotions, in addition to the population and service providers must improve care for the new tourist feel comfortable and safe in your care.
He noted the gratitude to the state government when these conventions and be a guarantee to the airline and the support of municipal authorities for facilitating the things that allow a greater influx of tourists in Puerto Peñasco and the opening for the second time in the tourist market air in this beach resort in northwestern Sonora

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