Rocky Point

The kids were released from school at noon last Friday, so we took off for Rocky Point, Mexico. Neither Ike nor I had ever heard of this place, probably because of our proximity to Baja, but this is the closest beach to Arizona and it is pristine. No waves, but great tide pool hunting. While sitting on the beach, we were offered the option of purchasing jewelry, “art”, horseback rides and even water skiing! Heaven. Our neighbors and friends, Gerrin and Karen (and Abby…not pictured because she was asleep) invited us to their condo in Rocky Point. We ate, and played on the beach, and ate, and got sunburned, and ate, and shopped, and ate, and played golf, and ate. When you can give opinions on the ice cream at three different places in one weekend, you are doing something right. We came home Monday tired and happy.

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