Road to provide access to Pinacate Visitors Center.


Upcoming weeks, construction is set to begin on the ecologic roadway at the Pinacate and Grant Altar Desert Biosphere Reserve.  This will provide access to the soon- to- open Visitors Center, currently under construction, reported Pinacate Director Federico Godines Leal.
Godinez Leal indicated that the project encompasses an 8-kilometer roadway, in which just over 4 million pesos are set to be invested.  He noted that the funds have already become available and the project will be fundamental in attracting more visitors to the Reserve.
He explained that there would first be a tendering process and they expect for construction on the roadway to begin in early October in order to wrap up at the beginning of January, 2009.  he explained that the project will be an example of how this type of work can be done with minimal impact on the surrounding environment.
Godinez Leal explained that it is an ecologic roadway, because it will work to cause the least effect possible on its surroundings.  He noted the road itself will be brown, quite similar to the sand that characterizes the desert landscape.
The Director of Pinacate Reserve remarked that there is still a  lot of work to be done with respect to the Visitors Center, which is about 97% complete in its general structure.
He added that they still need to establish the museum material that will be contained in the project.  He noted the Centers will be a first-rate attraction, and they plan to receive assistance from Museums of San Diego and Los Angeles in California.
He indicated that the museum section will demonstrate the values of the Pinacate, the region of Puerto Peñasco, the Upper Gulf of California and the Sonoran Desert.
Godinez Leal stressed that the intent is for the Visitors Center to be completely finished by April, 2009, although it may be able to receive people from this region before the end of this year.
He pointed out, in adherence to federal law; they will establish a fee of 40 pesos per person per day for access to the Visitors Center. However, for students and residents within the municipalities of the Reserve the fee will have a 50% discount, or rather be just 20 pesos.



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