Puerto Peñasco has a variety of restaurants; the boardwalk in the old port is a tourist area, which includes the majority of them, you can also find shops, pharmacies and a great atmosphere.


The Linda Vista restaurant has specialty in seafood, fried fish in a large size enjoy with your family and friends with a spicy salsa, and red rice on the side.

Enjoy a family Sunday in Linda Vista restaurant eating a delicious shrimp or fish ceviche. Seven Seas soup with a spicy taste, or mild. The fish or shrimp tacos or the quesadillas with salsa on the side.  And a variety of dishes.

The view is excellent you can view the boardwalk, where people can walk and you can see different events that take place here in the old port as the last Rally, which took place mostly on the boardwalk.

The view is wonderful; you can see the boats, the view to the resorts, and the wonderful dolphins, and whales that will be arriving on the next cold months. Come To Puerto Peñasco and visit Restaurant Linda Vista.


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