Rescued in the sierra pinta desert

Two men lost in the sierra pinta desert and t risk of losing their lives were rescued around midday on June 19th, after they had tried to bring a foreign car into the country by going the almejas customs crossing


Andres Gomes Perez, 36 years old, and Fernando Valdez Alcantar, 18 , both originally from Alamos, Sonora, lived to tell their stories after lasting nearly 19 hours lost in the desert region.


Official information indicates that around 9a.m. on July 19th. a report came into the C-4 066 emergency number, requesting help for two people who were lost in the area of sierra pinta.


Staff from the municipal police and civil protection entered the desert, around the area of Santa Rita ranch, where they found tracks that continued for around 3000 meters. The tracks led to a 1997 beige colored pick-up Ford with California plate, stuck in the sand. This discovery occurred around 11 a.m.


As there no one in the area where the vehicle was found, the rescue workers continued to advance their search by following foot tracks that headed east.


They followed the path for a few hours until around 2:50 p.m., when they came across two men who were insistently signaling to them. They confirmed these to be the two lost individuals that had requested assistance in the morning.


Andres Gomez Perez, 36 years, and Fernando Valdez Alcantar, 18, notified their rescuers that they had bought the pick-up in Mexicali, Baja California with the intent of taking it to Alamos, Sonora. However, they continued, when they arrived at the almejas crossing they were not allowed to pass because the vehicle had not been imported.


Given the situation, around 8:00 p.m. on Saturday, July 18th. They decided to try to go around the customs crossing, but their vehicle got stuck, which resulted in the subsequent predicament.


The rescued men told their rescuers they had been born again and apparently did not seem to have any serious complications due to their health, therefore, following the assistance received they continued their journey to Alamos, Sonora. As indicated by the report given by participants in the search and rescue.



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