Red Cross has an ambulance all terrain for access to difficult areas

 An ambulance in good condition and equipped with everything needed was donated to the Red Cross distinguished institution Puerto Penasco today around 11 am.

Dr. José Jaime Rodríguez clinic director who handed San Jose was held by the Council President Jorge Valdez Red Cross, the keys of the vehicle for operation as required.

He said the aim of the donation of the ambulance is to improve the lot of attention to patients who are in difficult areas such as beaches or desert and that the donation also includes trauma equipment, stretchers, airway bags and other accessories to provide the service to start immediately.

He added that an ambulance has more on the clinic to support Red Cross, and will continue working on ways to further support because it has been the effort that the current council president by Jorge Valdez has been playing since he took office.

For his part, Council President Jorge Valdez Red Cross thanked Dr. Jaime Rodriguez San Jose Hospital and Clinic for their support to the institution and committed staff to be responsible use of the one vehicle 4 X 4 with the currently counted.

He said the third ambulance to be achieved in a period of 10 months, the time having charge of the presidency council, which is a source of satisfaction and pride.

With this new donation will be much, he said, with a total of 7 ambulances currently operating as derecognised 3, 2 of which go straight to the junk in the deshusadero of delegation in Hermosillo, and the other is adapted to function as a mobile base.

Emphasized that this grant is to cover an urgent need to be had, as well as the ambulance service to be rendered, will now be able to access difficult areas before long

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