Reactivation of construction industry begins



Typed by: Guadalupe Cabrera L

Information taken from: Join us newspaper

15 million pesos to be invested in homes


As part of what represents the beginning of the reactivation of the construction industry in this city, it was recently announced a new housing project is set to launch. The project will include an approximate investment of 15 million pesos.


After meeting with Mayor Alejandro Zepeda Munro, Arturo Taddei, general director of the Mediterráneo Residencial group, remarked the first phase of the residential complex includes the construction of 45 homes.

He stated the cost of each residential home will fluctuate around 275,000 pesos, and joins other projects that at the end of last year once again began work in Puerto Peñasco, allowing for the creation of new jobs.

The General Director of Mediterráneo Residencial explained the project foresees an approximate investment of 15 million pesos and construction of the first phase will begin within approximately one month, which should also create at least 100 direct jobs.
Similarly, Mayor Zepeda Munro stressed that signs of economic recovery in Puerto Peñasco can be seen with the beginning of new projects such as this and is confident that 2010 will be a good year for those living in this municipality.

The Mayor emphasized the construction of a new residential zone reflects encouraging signs for the local economy.

“It is very positive that we are beginning with this type of news, such as the construction of a new residential zone, which gives us more confidence that we will have a better year in Peñasco,” he underscored.

Alejandro Zepeda reiterated the Municipal Administration would be accommodating for all investors who wish to carry out their projects in Puerto Peñasco.

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