In order to provide care to hundreds of families that require a place to enjoy recreation, handcrafts and various artistic and academic activities, the renovated community center in the neighborhood of Nueva Esperanza was recently re-inaugurated.

Mayor Alejandro Zepeda Munro cut the inaugural ribbon for the project, which was completed through an investment of approximately 600,000 pesos with resources from the office of social development. The Mayor was accompanied by federal representative Leonardo Guillén Medina and local representative Enrique Reyna Lizáraga.


Municipal authorities and legislators were welcome by dozens of families from the neighborhood of Nueva Esperanza who all enjoyed a festive afternoon marking the renovation of the community center.

The project topping just over half a million pesos, includes the renovation of a computer room with new computer, the construction of a new restrooms and the renovation of spaces for basketball and soccer, as well as the painting of children’s play equipment and the building in general.

Furthermore, there was also an announcement concerning the upcoming opening of a day care in the same location.

After stating his hope that newly revamped center is taken advantage of by children, youth and moms, the Mayor made the first shot at the new basketball hoop and the toured the new facility. The center showed off impeccably, revealing complete chance in providing a dignified space for the community in general.

Representative Enrique Reyna Lizárraga congratulate Mayor Alejandro Zepeda and his entire team as they are providing an example for how work must be done to benefit the community.

The coordinator of the parliamentary group of the PAN (National Action Party) for the local congress appeared confident that surely this project will be of tremendous benefit for many families in Puerto Peñasco.

Ernesto Portugal García, Director of social Development, took advantage of the visit of the legislators in order to set out needs to begin operations on the day care built into the same center that has yet to be renovated.

He suggested negotiating resources for this purpose so that soon working mothers in this area are able to have a safe place to leave their children.

After a tour of the community center, Mayor Zepeda accompanied Representatives Leonardo Guillén Medina and Enrique Reyna Lizárraga to a press conference in which they responded to various questions focused principally on the fishing conflict and investments for Puerto Peñasco.


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