Raise funds to promote Puerto Peñasco in Arizona

Perform charro event in Hacienda La Cordobesa
With the goal of raising funds to promote Puerto Peñasco in the state of Arizona, yesterday at about 5 pm La Hacienda La Cordoba was the scene of a great event horse dance, skirmishes, flourish of rope, folk dance and singing, especially with the beautiful Mexican stamp that identifies our beloved Mexico: the rodeo.

The sun was slowly disappearing, attendees were ready and excited to witness the great event, participants were organized to find its place of participation, suddenly, the voice of Miguel Guevara announces the start of the event by presenting participants in Mexicali skirmishes and spontaneous applause started and stayed for all other presentations.

It was a fresh air but it seemed that people who cooperated in this event, did not feel it was much more whip looked up the various artists who had the cool evening, really enjoyed the event!, Whose presentations were by the association of charros de Mexicali.

Miguel Guevara Askar, owner of the hacienda and host of the night commented that he hopes to multiply the money with the municipal, state and federal project the image of Puerto Peñasco abroad, “we are in a difficult situation and we must unite the rocaporteneses to do something, and I really want to give thanks to the American community who are mostly those who support us and also many Mexicans and everyone puts their bit to where I can “he said.

It is important to note that this is the fourth event set by the estate of Cordoba, the first was to collect and distribute groceries to the community of Puerto Peñasco, the second was to help the church in Puerto Penasco La Guadalupana, the third party which enjoyed the presentation of Jenny Rivera was to help the school of Music in Puerto Peñasco and this most recent to promote Puerto Peñasco abroad.

Askar said that Guevara will continue to do events for different causes that benefit the people of Peñasco, “We are not professionals, we are not dedicated to this, but if we can do and raise money for what we do and also doing a lot of fun

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