Puerto Peñasco Sees Fewer Tourists This Year

Oscar Palacio Soto, President of the Convention and Visitors Bureau (OCV) confirmed recently at a press conference that the tourism industry of Puerto Peñasco is suffering.  With nearly half a million visitors less than last year and a drop in hotel occupancy as high as 23%, 2009 is being called the worst year for tourism in the last ten years.
The OCV President has announced that current statistics have confirmed an undesirable forecast for the tourist industry of Puerto Peñasco in the year to come.  Businesses and residents must adapt in order to learn how to survive without the economic benefits that tourism generates.
By the end of 2009, 1.52 million tourists visited the city.  By the end of 2008 that number was 1.992 million and by the end of 2007 that number was 2.163 million visitors, an obvious steady decline that can’t be allowed to continue if the local economy expects to survive.  Hotel occupancy, when calculated separately, has experienced an 8% drop since 2008 and a 22.6% drop since 2007.
Tourist daily spending has also dropped from an average of $58 US to $50 per traveler.  This drop in spending has been enough to create a drastic domino effect for Puerto Peñasco’s residents and businesses, making a bad problem worse.
2009 is being thought of as the worst year in the last decade for the tourism industry of Puerto Peñasco, said Palacio Soto.
Local businesses across the city are beginning to feel the grip of the troubled economy and are being left without the funds to pay prior obligations to creditors, service providers, and employees in some instances.
A great deal of effort is being put into forging ahead through the troubled economy explained Palacio Soto.  Financial support is being sought from various public and private sources in order to secure a good new year.
A second quarter reaction is possible but the over all outlook on 2010 is a low level of expected growth.
Hopes are high that the start of this year will be the beginning of a year much more profitable than 2009.  While leaders are not optimistic of the idea that the degree of recovery from the current decline will be as high as the influx in tourism in 2006, which has been recognized as one of the best years in a long time for the area of Peñasco, they are hoping to at least reverse the half million drop in numbers calculated at the end of last year.
The OCV is optimistic and plans on initiating an aggressive promotional campaign in areas like the United States so that local hotels can recover from the lack of business experienced because of fewer travelers to the area.
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