Puerto Peñasco Report Last Weekend

The forecast was calling for windy conditions late last week and again sunday and monday in rocky point but saturday looked like it might be just calm enough to make it out. I woke up saturday morning at 5:00 am to very slight breezes so i picked up my good fishing buddies Shawn Gustafson and Bill Hayden and we launched out of cholla bay just before 7:00 am. We stopped at the 16 mile reef on 180 degree heading to catch some bait. We had hoped to load up on live pacific mackerel but only caught 3 although the large (6-10 inch) sardines were very thick and we caught an entire bucket full in about an hour. These do Cheap Football Jerseys not survive in the livewell but make excellent fresh dead bait. The breeze had picked up and we had a bumpy ride out with a following sea in 2-3 ft tightly spaced whitecapped chop. We arrived at the first spot and 3 boats were already fishing. 2 were already anchored and one was just getting set up. On the second drift we had a double hookup and Shawn picked up a nice white sea bass on a large jig and I brought in a good red snapper using a whole sardine rigged on a circle hook. We made several more drifts with no additonal bites and did not see BC a lot of action on the other тест boats so we headed to another spot a couple miles away. We made Cheap NFL Jerseys several drifts over the structure and had triple hookups each time on large goldspotted bass and ocean whitefish. We then anchored up and had consistent action on the goldspots and whitefish and a couple more snapper using the fresh dead sardines but Shawn continued oakley outlet to use the jig with good success on the same fish but after a while he got into a hot bite on yellowtail and picked up several from 8 to almost 20 lbs. We fished until about 5:30 pm and luckily cheap nfl jerseys the seas had calmed down nicely and we ran back to cholla bay and were back on the trailer just as the sun set.

Posted by Blood Decks.com — Take a look at the great photos of the fish they caught!

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