Puerto Peñasco Association of Real Estate Agents

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By Rosarie Salerno
PPAREA was established in Rocky Point over 4 years ago. The objective of the organization is to promote the cooperation of real estate agents in Peñasco to insure the best possible service for our clients, whether the client is a seller or buyer. The association facilitates communication between the different offices and their agents. This communication puts all of the agents in a network for marketing property. Cooperation by sharing the information facilitates all of the real estate agent members to work for the seller, not just the listing office. Big or small offices have the same access to information.
Among the accomplishments of the PPAREA is the development of uniform Listing and Sales Agreements. This simplifies and clarifies displaces ambiguities and allows the transaction to be user friendly.

There was nothing more frustrating than having to read and analyze each and every offer to purchase that was different from each and every office in town. The organization also holds their members to a standard of practice and must be approved to become a member. Recently, the Mexican government has decreed by law for every agreement to contain specific information and each company must have its own code number on every form. Standardizing allows and makes it easier and less complicated to comply.
Our local MLS, Multiple Listing System, has an internet based website displaying each member’s office current listings of property for sale.

As most people are aware of, the sharing of listings is a vital lifeline of the real estate industry. At any time, day or night, a real estate professional can access information of different types of property. For instance, if a buyer is looking for a commercial lot, a residential home or condo, the agent can input specific items for a search, including price, type, sq. footage and location. The cooperation between the different offices in town has aided the fluidity of sales transactions. Another important facet of the MLS is the recordation of the histroy of sales information. This information is the lifeline to securing lenders. Lenders base their loans on data gathered from past history of sales and also makes appraisals more accurate and facilitate comparative market analysis sales of price per sq. foot. Puerto Peñasco Association of Real Estate Agents are dedicated to.
The association requires accountability from its members and can enforce a code of ethics and standard of practice.

PPAREA is putting up a large billboard on the read into town. Members of the association are displaying the logo. Please view our website www.pparea.net.

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