Puerto Penasco

Puerto Penasco

It was recorded as a city in 1952 in the recent past years the national counting has been more than 60,000 inhabitants, Rocky Point becomes one ofthe top ten cities in Sonora Mexico. It is located 97 kilometers from the border with Arizona Lukville United States of America.

The primitive village began in 1926 when some fishermen arrived this port and started their catch of fish called totuaba. In those days the shrimp had no such demand. That is why these fishermen just came by fishing season and then went to their place of origin.

downloadThe shrimp was a key starting point for this population since the Japanese started exporting to their country, when this happened fishermen began settling in this port permanently with their families of course the economy was improving gradually. It is said that these people did not live very pleasant conditions but remained.

Through the years passed the town grew and grew into what it is today. Today it is a tourist port and one of the most beautiful and frequented destinations in Mexico. Ricky Point is said to continue to grow and become an international destination for foreigners from more distant countries to come on vacation. Rocky Point has beach and desert at the same time it is not a very frequent contrast.

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