Public Services and Security In Puerto Penasco Being Equipped And Reinforced

Eight new police cars delivered to help improve security in Puerto Peñasco

By Ivan Bravo Lopez
Issue #450

To bring greater security services and to reinforce surveillance in Puerto Peñasco, municipal authorities delivered eight new police vehicles to the Public Safety Department. They also equipped them with other assorted equipment valued at more than 5 million pesos (~$457,000 USD).

The symbolic delivery of the police units took place in the parking lot of one of the facilities of the Municipality. It was directed by Mayor Heriberto Rentería Sanchez, who expressed his concern for having a safe and secure port in which safety for its citizens – along with strong cleaning efforts project the dignified image of a rapidly growing port.

The new units are six Ford Pick-up squad cars and two Crown Victoria sedans, years 2000 to 2003. They also received 45 cell phones, which will be distributed to different sectors of Puerto Peñasco. The Mayor Heriberto Rentería delivered the equipment to enhance security to the Municipal Director of Public Safety, said Salvador Alvarez.

The Mayor along with the Municipal Secretary and other authorities present formally delivered to the Municipal Public Services new equipment to continue with the cleaning projects and improve the image of Puerto Peñasco. They received 2 dumpsters, 1 motorgrader, 2 sweepers, 2 branch disposal machines and a steam machine. The total investment was of 5 million 217 thousand pesos (~$476,000 USD).

“We want to have a well guarded Puerto Peñasco. This is part of the credit investment that we received from Banobras (Mexico’s National Works and Public Services Bank). We will continue to equip Public Safety and Public Services – they are the ones that need the most support – as well as the ones that we use the most. We already know how that feels from the Governor’s Conference. During that time, security was tighter and there were less criminal incidents.”

He also mentioned that in 2008 they will implement higher efforts for Public Safety to lower crime rates. While it is quite difficult to monitor all the neighborhoods, homes and businesses, but with the help of more equipment and more human resources, it can be done, he said.

He recognized that federal resources to enhance security will be given as soon as the crime rates decrease. That is the requirement for this Municipality to receive the resources.

Director of Public Safety Salvador Alvarez recognized the positive disposition and interest that the municipal authorities have on the improvement of Public Safety. He promised to care for the maintenance of the equipment and to provide the community the safety that they deserve. Lastly, the Municipal President took a tour around the installations of the municipal parking lot aboard a sweeper to see the good condition of the equipment. They will be used to keep the public peace and to help with the cleaning efforts.

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