Public Safety is preparing for Spring Break

Instalan filtro ante ‘levantón’Operations that will be launched during four weekends in a row, is what you have planned and planned to address public safety, which meet the demands of events like the Carnival of Spring Break 2011 and through a good working plan structured and directed mostly at prevention, Lazaro Hernandez said Bravo.
The public safety director in this city, said that there are already listed 120 items of the police, to serve in an operational way to 100% on both dates, which are staffed mostly bilingual Spring Break, but also support on the dates of Carnival.
“We’re almost ready, we have the necessary personnel, not ask for help to other cities or Isspe with cadets, we believe that truth is not as necessary as it has in previous years, this talking about the dates of Spring Break, but at the carnival, also need support, but I will say that on both dates, we coordinated with the State Police, Federal Police and the Department of the Navy itself has indicated its willingness to assist in these operations, “he said the police chief .
Hernández Bravo said the local police has 14 members of the police that are 100% bilingual, but the tourist police is comprised of 30 police officers, which are divided into shifts fairly and accompanied by a support partner.
The local police chief, said that the police sector, is divided into three main parts: the tour that goes from La Cholla, through beautiful beach, goes to the boardwalk, watched and Las Conchas, the central and finally the periphery sector.
Finally, the police commander stated that during the carnival, the elements under his charge, normal work schedule of 8 hours, while on Spring Break, the schedule will be 12 hours 12 hours worked and rested, to ensure safety of tourists and local.

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