PUBLIC OFFICIALS CALLED TO CONDUCT THEMSELVES ETHICALLY – Coordination of comptroller efforts 72 municipalities

State general comptroller Gilberto inda duran called on representatives from 72 sonora municipalities, gathered in the city for the holding of the tenth meeting of the permanent commission of state-municipal comptrollers, to behave ethically and provide quality treatment towards people.

In launching this coordinated effort among offices of governmental control, inda duran stated that the principal intent is for people to change the perception they have of public servants.

He commented they were working on developing code of conduct at this gathering this is to be the fundamental principal for the improved function of comptrollers, therefore strengthening the controlled and transparent administration of public funds.

The intent, he expressed, is to prioritize ethics, but not solely chest pounding  ethics, rather ethics of conduct through a true commitment and responsibility to public office, hence the insistence on this code of conduct.

This code, remarked inda duran should be applied to the control offices of the 72 municipalities while at the same time permeate through all the offices of municipal government.

The secretary of the estate general comptrollers stressed that this tenth gathering is basically an exercise in exchanging experiences in order to improve public functions. He noted the various comptrollers have organized a working network that will allow them to implement mechanisms in order to improve the work across all the municipalities in Sonora.

He stressed the interest on working in a coordinate manner with the network of comptrollers in order to obtain better services and awareness for attention towards the community while simultaneously strengthening transparency of the public office. Mario Jorge terminel Siqueiros state coordinator of the permanent commission of the state-municipal comptrollers, stressed that the firs steps taken at this item aim to assure that all municipal comptrollers work as pioneers to improve through working under a manner of professional ethics outlined by a code of conduct.

On behalf of mayor heriberto renteria sanchez ,director of income for the city, victor perez Herrera, highlighted the importance of this meeting. He explained the body of governmental control is a very important part in any administration and mayors put their trust in this office in order to achieve transparency and equity  for the benefit of the community during the tenth gathering of days were held encompassing important topics such as the development of a code of conduct observations of municipal public accounts, emotional leadership, basic accounting and municipal public finance, among others.

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