Proper Animal Care

by Pat Famulatte

    This past month has been very busy for El Pobre de Asis. We had some problems with the land given us by the city but I am happy to report that it has all been straightened out. At the bottom of this article I have included a map to the new property location. Signs will be posted on the land soon and we will include specifics about the land size, etc.
    Donations are starting to come in for the animal shelter and we would like to thank everyone for their donations and we want to get work started on the shelter as soon as possible.
    Another spay and neuter clinic will be held in Peñasco on April 21. You can make an appointment with me to have your animal scheduled for surgery. If you are interested please leave me a message at the office of the Rocky Point Times.

    Besides the usual donations of building materials and money we also need cat and dog food, cat litter and kitty boxes, shredded newspaper, kitty toys and anything to help the animals in general.

    A website has been created for El Pobre de Asis and it can be found at Here we will have the latest information available about the animal shelter, photos of the property and construction taking place, latest donations needed, etc. You can also email or
    Here are some important tips to remember for your pet’s safety:

• On a 90° day the inside of your car reaches 160° in only a matter of minutes. Even a short delay during your errand can be deadly for your pet.

• Opening the window will not provide enough ventilation to cool your pet.

• Dogs and cats do not sweat as humans; they must pant to cool down. The combination of heat stress and hyperventilation from panting can mean brain damage or death for the pet in a very short time.

• Signs of heat stroke: heavy panting, vomiting, glazed eyes, deep red or purple tongue, rapid pulse, and dizziness.

• Take these steps if your pet appears to be suffering from heat stroke: Do not give unlimited drinking water, do give small amounts of water, do apply wet towels to pet’s head, neck and chest to reduce the body temperature, immediately get the pet to a veterinarian.

The best way to prevent a tragedy is to leave your pet at home while shopping!

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