Progress in paving by 85% at Malecon

A 85% advance in the work of paving the waterfront is what is recorded until today and confirmed the date for delivery of the work to be before 16 April reported Curiel Fernando Navarro.

The Public Works director of the council, said details are to close the sidewalk to continue with the pavement on the south side of the pier, which includes the first part of the pavement from the building where the offices of finance to Hotel ViƱa del Mar.

Reported that already have facilities ready to receive the lighting, which is already engaged and is having the same characteristics of what is already installed in some areas of the port.

With regard to electric power lines for delivery said this first stage is covered 100%, so everything will be underground and will be eliminated facilities currently air.

As for the rest of what is the Malecon, and out of main and side streets cavalcade, reported that the process to lower the resources in this period, it goes very well on the way, for what is expected very soon have favorable news and to announce the start of the second stage, which covers the rest of the pier in its entirety.

He finished by explaining that the coming days of Holy Week will be paved and potholes the rest of the streets so that visitors can travel safely and comfortably the boardwalk

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