Princesa Penasco

A resort that’s really well know in Rocky Point for many years. It is one of the first built resort in sandy beach. Plus stands out from the others with its yellow buildings. The owners that live in Princesa are really out going and enjoyable people. At this property you will find three pools that are facing the ocean, with two Jacuzzis which are heated during winter as well summer. Next to the pools there is a gym fully equipped with drinking area as well. Right in front of the gym there’s a big spacious volleyball court open for guest. princesaWhen entering the gate you will notice that there’s a restaurant, named Colins Cantina that serves Mexican, Sea Food, and American Food as well. The best part of all has sunshades right in front of the ocean. The sunshade includes beach chairs exclusively for guest of Princesa. A unique service of the restaurant waiter is that they go around the pools picking up orders. Other amenity’s included is that there is a big parking lot just incase you bring along ATVS, rhinos or golf carts. The more important of all there is security watching 24/7 so you will not have to worry about your belongings.

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