November 5th, 2009,  is the day in which Puerto Penasco, Mexico passed from being the best kept secret of Mexico, a remote destination accessible only driving from Arizona, Hermosillo or Mexicali, to be a major tourism and residential destination for many Americans and Canadians looking to enjoy the Sea of Cortes paradise, where desert meets the ocean.

FAM Avion Presidencial en Puerto Penasco

President Calderon came to Puerto Penasco aboard of the Presidential Plane and 2 other commercial jets, (an Interjet and an Aeromexico) transporting literally hundreds of people from different regions of Mexico and several industrial sectors, like staff of the National Restaurant Chamber of Commerce,Hospitality chambers, and media from every single part of Mexico and International agencies.

The ceremony was very sensitive and emotional for so many Puerto Penasco’s residents who had been dreaming with this International Airport for years and years. As well as with a Panoramic Coastal Highway to connect this beautiful destination US Highway I-8 with Yuma, Az ansd San Diego, Ca. Finally today these two dreams are real!!!

Mr. Daniel Chavez Moran, major stockholder and CEO of Grupo Vidanta owner of Mayan Palace Resorts among other brands, welcomed to President Calderon, Secretaries of Federal Agencies, Fonatur CEO, Governors and Mayors of other regions, and important and strategic CEO’s from several industries. This Airport is the first built in Mexico with 100% private funds, invested by Grupo Vidanta, which has the capacity to receive any kind of planes including Boeing 747.

In addition to this two important projects already delivered,  Puerto Penasco will have a toll Freeway 15th months after getting the State Permits to connect this Mar de Cortes International Airport with the Arizona Border, what will be a shortcut to get here faster, safer and quicker. Actually Puerto Penasco has a great highway to the Border with Lukeville, Az which takes you there in only 50 minutes driving. With this new freeway the time will be reduced to only 25 minutes.

Puerto Penasco Medical facilities had been expended also, having a great General Hospital and a new Social Security clinic providing health care to all its residents. Not only that, to increase medical tourism to the region it also has a brand new state of the art cosmetic surgery clinic.

President Calderon, Governor Guillermo Padres and Mayor Alejandro Zepeda, as well as Mayor Dario Murillo of Caborca where the Gold Coast is located (the 4 of them distinguished members of the PAN party), as all the private sector of this region and Mexico in general, are committed with the future of Puerto Penasco, and the Sonora Gold Coast to make them grow and transform it soon into a major Tourism destination like Cancun and the Mayan Riviera, or Los Cabos corridor where Cabo San Lucas is located.

Interjet and Aeromexico in Puerto Penasco

No other location in Mexico have received all this investment in infrastructure, new businesses and Real Estate projects from the Private Sector, Federal and State Governments like Puerto Penasco already is receiving them. Additionally Puerto Penasco will be home port for Holland Cruises in the very near future as it has been announced.

It is important to remark that the Private investment in Puerto Penasco is not only Mexican capital, there are big investments from the United States, Canada and Spain.

With these kind of actions and real commitment, Puerto Penasco and the Sonora Gold Coast,  are now for sure, the most exiting place in Mexico to Visit, enjoy and relocate to.

Living in Puerto Penasco has so many benefits like; Its weather and natural beauty, its people, the large and great American and Canadian community already living here, affordable health care, Mexico Real Estate practices supervised by AMPI ( Affiliated to NAR), Excellent highways connecting by land this destination with Phoenix and Tucson, Az driving 3.5 hours, or San Diego in only 4.5 hours, a great International Airport and the commitment of all Puerto Penasco community and Mexico to make it grow.

Consider your retirement, investment, relocation, vacation or seasonal residence in Puerto Penasco, Mexico. No other place has this much to offer now.

Puerto Penasco has restaurants, nigh clubs, bars, 3 golf courses, hotels or luxury condos and houses for rent, awesome resorts for any kind of lifestyle; Classy, luxury, easy going, casual, expensive, affordable, families, party, you name it…. , Puerto Penasco has it all for any kind of people who loves living in paradise.

Opportunities you missed 25 year ago to buy a piece of Paradise in Cancun o Cabo San Lucas are back!

Puerto Penasco, AKA: Rocky Point Mexico, has Condos for sale, houses for sale, residential lots for sale, developing lots for sale, commercial lots for sale, diversity of real estate offer, and many more things for you to move and enjoy life in Mexico.

If you are fluent in Spanish , I suggest you to watch this Video with President’s Calderon Speech.

Vaya  con   Dios !

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