Presentation of house structures from investment of just over one million pesos to benefit 25 families

The priority of municipal authoririties in the area of housing was strengthened with the presentation of 25 house structures, representing a cost of 1.9 million pesos.  The founds were made possible through a joint investment between the state and municipal governments and those benefiting from the program.
In a simple act held on Puerto de San Felipe Ave, between North Alley and Agua Prieta St. in the neighborhood residents bore witness to the representation of one of the residential modules, built with concrete bricks made by the same beneficiaries at the community block plant.
On behalf of the 25 families benefiting from the program, Yesenia Yasmin Moreno Najera symbolically received the housing structure consisting of one bedroom and equipped bathroom.  Each family contributed 12,000 pesos for the construction of the blocks.
The house structures, which total approximately 25, are located in the areas of Nueva Esperanza, Nuevo Peñasco, Obrera and San Rafael.
Visibly moved, Moreno Najera gave a few words of thanks for the support of the authorities in helping to provide a place to live, with the possibility of extending it as each family’s economic abilities permit.
Mayor Heriberto Renteria Sanchez emphasized that this is a very important step in the Sonora State Program of Basic Infrastructure (PIBES) of social development.
He expressed his gratitude for the trust placed in his administration by the community, as only in working together have they been able to make advances.  He noted that without the efforts of people it would not be possible to carry out programs such as these.
On this occasion, he stated, there are 25 families benefiting from the homes.  Yet the program will continue to support more families from other neighborhoods who are in need, placing priority on those with fewer resources.
Raul Mendez Rojas, director of Social development, remarked that this package of 25 home structures is unique in Sonora, as the families benefiting from the program also provided the labor.  Furthermore, the program was authorized without the availability of all basic services, which is generally a requirement for all housing programs.
He pointed out that in order to carry out these actions through the PIBES program, beneficiaries together provided 300,000 pesos, 140,000 pesos came from the City and 650,000 from the state government.  Financing was made accessible, he explained, as beneficiaries each invested 12,000 pesos to build the house structures and payment was made in two equal comfortable payments.
The state official acknowledged the work of those benefiting from the program as they themselves made the blocks at the city’s Community Block Plant where, working together, they produced nearly 18,000 blocks.

Article from Join Us Magazine

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