Praise for work of fire department

Praise for work of fire department
Call to maintain community assistance
In honor of Fire Fighter’s day, the work of members from the heroic Puerto Peñasco Fire Department was praised. During the official ceremony, a call was made to the fire fighters to sustain their care and assistance for the community.
In a central event hall in the city, family members, friends and authorities gathered to honor the valuable public servants.  During the event, in which four new firemen were sworn in, recognitions were handed out honoring years of service as well as acknowledgement for the support of the municipal authorities and the department’s board. There was also a moment taken to remember fallen firemen.
The celebration, which was preceded early on with a mass of thanksgiving, was carried out in a simple yet moving manner. The morning mass was followed by the demonstration through the principal streets of the city and a gathering of members from the fire department.
In the official ceremony, held that night, firemen Jorge Arturo Ramos first retold a true tragic story and then called on department members to reflect on little things that can build or destroy life, and how details left ignored can cause fires.
He stressed that there are those who have lost their homes due to only small things; he emphasized that life not be tarnished from things that can be addressed or prevented. He noted that seemingly insignificant things can result in one losing their life, family, work, and children.
Fire department and civil protection director, Nicandro Cornejo Torres, stated that the intent of this institution is to assure quality emergency services for the community.
He point out that this celebration is beneficial to internally reflect on past experiences, current situation and what may be coming in order to learn from the past, enjoy the present and build a better future.
Cornejo Torres expressed his appreciation and stressed the support that Mayor Heriberto Renteria Sanchez has provided, as well as that of the fire department board, in maintaining services that the community of Puerto Peñasco demands.
Hector Acosta Felix, president of the board, remarked that all of the members of this department would continue to provide their best efforts towards contributing to the continued growth and strength of the fire department and services.

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