Planting trees and city clean up: Peñasco’s “Plant a tree and be a part of history” program

Puerto Peñasco was greened up and cleaned up on Saturday, July 5th, during an intense work day held by municipal staff and community members who joined the call to be part of the program “Plant a tree and be part of history.”  Mayor Heriberto Renteria Sanchez led the campaign in the area of Nuevo Peñasco, where, in addition to clean up, trees were planted home by home.
Starting at 7 a.m., nearly 200 city employees from different offices met at the palapa of the Papagos and from there split up in orderto work on cleaning an area stretching across 47th and 48th avenues, from Ruiz Cortinez St. to Aquiles Serdan alley.
The Mayor expressed his gratitude for the motivation of the directors, representatives and employees in general who, armed with brooms, shovels and rakes, showed up for the clean up of the neighborhood’s streets.
Clean up efforts were reinforced with the support of backhoes, haulers and dump trucks from the Office of public Services and units from the CTM.  In all, 20 tons of trash, debris and waste were collected in order to notably improve the image of this sector of the city.
During the day, Mayor Renteria Sanchez visited the various streets of the neighborhood in order to participate in planting mesquite trees home by home with the intent of greening up the area and improving the quality of life of those living there.
The donation of trees is part of the national campaign “Plant a tree and be a part of the national compaign “plant a tree and be a part of History”. As part of this program, nearly 1300 trees were planted in Puerto Peñasco through the support of different civil and individual organizations.
Fumigation equipment presented
In another area, Municipal Secretary Hildegardo Hernandez Castro, presented the Municipal Health Office with a nebulizer in order to fumigate and combat flies in the area of Nuevo Peñasco specifically in areas surrounding the oxidation lagoon.
The equipment, at a value of about $60,000 pesos, was received by Oscar Eduardo Castro Castro, Municipal Health Coordinator, accompanied by staff from his office. The office already had one type of fumigation equipment and now has two ways of providing services to the community in combating mosquitoes and flies that could put the health of Peñasco community members at risk.

Article from Join Us Magazine

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