Plans To Designate 400M Pesos To Roads, Electricity, and Water During 2008

Funding expands to support three main infrastructure projects

With a projected investment of 400 million pesos (~$36.8M USD) the Director of Public Works is planning to continue during 2008 the integral project of city paving and electrification and water supply to the new neighborhoods – as well as enlarge the city’s drainage network to improve the city’s image.

Marco David Rangel Lopez, director of the afore mentioned office, said that it cannot be doubted that among the priorities of Mayor Heriberto Renteria Sanchez is the unprecedented Paving Works Project, for which he is obtaining a package of Federal Government resources around 100 million pesos (~$9.2M USD).

Rangel Lopez said that they want to continue with the pavement work on another 20 avenues and boulevards, covering a surface of more than 700 thousand square meters, in addition to the package of streets repaired during this past year. If this project is accomplished in full, the percentage of paved streets in our city will rise from 18% to 40%.

Moreover within the projects for 2008, the Director of Public Works mentioned that they will include the installation of the drainage network for the northwest sector of the city with and investment close to 60 million pesos (~$5.5M USD).

At the same time they will work on the construction and maintenance of sidewalks at the main boulevards and avenues, not forgetting the purpose of improving the image of the old harbor sector where financial resources are designated foir around 90 million pesos of improvements (~$8.3M USD) according with the executive plan approved by the city council.

To continue with the electrification in the New PeƱasco and San Rafael neighborhoods, it is an investment of at least 15 million pesos (~$1.38M USD) is designated for 2008, and it is also planned to attend to the delayed work on the water supply and they will also program to provide basic services.

He added that among the plans and projects for this year are actions for benefit of schools with the construction of classrooms, fences, tile roofs and to attend several requests channeled through the Sonorense Program of Social Participation (PASOS) and the Direction of Social Development.

He also added that currently they have a work plan with more than 200 projects of pavement works, urban improvement, basic services, schools and religious centers, that will be accomplished according with the flow of the municipal resources as well as with the resources assigned from the state and federal governments – and in some cases with assistance from credit entities.

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