Pinacate is an ecolagic national park that is protected, this park is a volcano inactive that was active many years ago (20,000). There is many craters and the most famos one is named by el Elegante this crater is “The biggest one in the world” They also have a musiam where there you csn get information about the different spicies of mammals that inhabit in this area, One of them is pronghorn deer that’s endangered. Also there is a bigg amount of birds and reptils.

There is also an area where you can picknik and aslo camp in this beautiful park, When you hear the (pinacate) you will hear the full name wich is El Pinacate Y Gran desierto de altar, the craters are suroended by a big area of sandy dunes.

Pinacate is also qualified as one of the national park wonders in Mexico, El pinacte is located in Sonora 30 minuts from the us border and 30 minutes before 20 Minutes before you Arive to Rocky Point.

In these past cold days the highest point of one of the craters was coverd in snow that is not very common people say this was the first time in more than 30 years. Very odd situation where we got to see desert and snow conbined at the same time.

Vacation in Rocky Point also visit El Pinacate.

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