Pinacate Crater



The Pinacate crater is located in the desert of the Sonoran State just below of the border of Arizona and northern of the city of Puerto Penasco.

The Pinacate is one of the most significant landforms seen from the space it has an extansion of 7,146 KM, it includes Santa Clara a volcanic system that is the main part of the landscape that includes three peeks Carniege, Medio and Pinacate. The place a variably of animals and plants.

There is about forty species of animals and five hundred and forty species of plants, forty of reptiles , and two hundred of bird.

The Pinacate Peeks are a group of volcanic cinder cones and the main one is Cerro del Pinacate (Santa Clara volcano).

The volcanoes have been periodically active since about 4 million years, but the last activity was about 1100 years.

From 1965-1970 the NASA sent astronauts to the Pinacate to train there because of the similarities to the luna surface.

The first people to live in the Pinacate was the San Dieguito people who live from the lands they move from place to place looking for food, but the ice aged ended the occupation about 20,000 years ago. But then it came a second stage of occupancy after the ended of the glacial period, this group like their ancestor live from the land, but like the first group this ended during a flu season about 9,000 years ago.

The last and most recent group to live in the lands are Pinacateno like the San Dieguito this people move all over the Pinacate up to sea in search of food, they left a lot of history to prove their existence.

Their a few records to prove who was the first explorers in that area, maybe Melchor Diaz during 1540 was the first white men to go, and during 1698 the priest Eusebio Kino visit the site with his group a lot of times.    

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