Pet Sterilization Program Begins, Call to register Dogs

Pet Sterilization Program Begins, Call To Register Dogs 


After a series of re-scheduling, the 2008 Pet Sterilization Program was initiated June 16 by the Municipal Department of Health. Oscar Castro Castro, head of the department, called upon all citizens of Puerto Peñasco to register their dogs, urging all to participate in this program to control the canine population. 


Castro Castro indicated that an operating room at the Anti-rabies and Canine Control Center has been designated for the castration surgeries. The Center is located next to the city’s sanitary landfill. 


The only requirement for those interested in having their pet sterilized is that they visit the Municipal Department of Health to register their pet and receive a voucher in order to set up a date for the surgery. Castro Castro indicated that they would begin with the first operations shortly, initiating with registries that were already pending. 


The Coordinator of the Health Department reiterated that the canine sterilization campaign is ongoing and will be sustained at least through the duration of the administration of Mayor Heriberto Renteria. 


Castro Castro also noted that his department now has en effective way to euthanize stray dogs that are picked up by the city pound. He stated that after taking a number of measures, it was possible to obtain equipment for lethal injection, which will assure that dogs do not suffer at the time of being put down. This thankfully replaces the former practice of shooting the animals. 

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