People are priority one in 2010

People are priority one in 2010


Written by:  Guadalupe Cabrera

                                                                                                                       Taken by: Join us newspaper


Mayor anticipates improvements in economy this year

In 2010, people, in all aspects, are the number one priority for the current administration. This has been stated time and again from the onset of the current 20th local city administration, affirmed Mayor Alejandro Zepeda Munro.

Alejandro ZepedaAfter indicating they are anticipating improvements within the Puerto Peñasco economy this year, the Mayor indicated the actions and programs of his administration are and will always be focused on improving the quality of life for the residents of this municipality.
Therefore, he stated, they will further promote areas of public safety as a fundamental part of progress, by equipping more patrol cars and acquiring other devices necessary to strengthen the operations of the Municipal Police.

He stressed during 2010 they will work arduously to bring in new projects, as employment is a need that is sought broadly throughout different parts of the city.

The Mayor indicated that, in terms of the economy, apparently the most difficult stage has been surpassed for Puerto Peñasco. He anticipates things will shortly fall into place and get back on track, with much better results for 2010.

Zepeda Munro stated the Municipal Administration and society have the same responsibility and the same goal, calling on the community to continue advancing and achieving the best for Peñasco.

No changes

In another area, the Mayor stressed there are no grounds or plans to make changes within the current municipal cabinet, noting the positions will remain the same and without changes for the time being.

The Mayor indicated there had been rumors circulating towards the end of last year with respect to changes of municipal officials, yet noted they were just that, rumors. Furthermore, he remarked that during 2010 there will be minimum staff cuts within the local governmental structure.

He stated he is not afraid of making decisions concerning changes with respect to collaborators, which will be done if it is shown they are not adequately operating their departments or if a budgetary adjustment is required.

There is no reason to be concerned about this, he stressed, as up to now all directors have been fulfilling their roles through hard work and he hopes things will continue as so in order to close out his administration with the same group of collaborators.

With respect to adjustments among City personnel, Zepeda Munro indicated there will not be any massive cuts and they will do minor adjustments in areas where this is deemed necessary by rotating staff in offices in order to do more with less.

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