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At our presentation of “The Adventurers” last season, we had an audience at Margaritaville of over 150 people and, unfortunately, had to turn some folks away at the door. This year, we are presenting a bigger and better “adventurers” and will be performing this year at the Desert Oasis in their new conference hall, located in the front of the Oasis just to the left of the driveway enterance. In this new location, there will be room for everyone to come and enjoy our production as it seats 200.

We are buys studying our lines, getting the props and the light ready, and getting an audio system so that, even if your are sitting on the farthest corner of the stage, you will be able to hear us clearly. We are preparing all of the nuts and bolts of little theatre that the audience never gets to see – you are only treated to the finish product but there is a lot that goes into putting on a play. Everything will be in order so that you can enjoy an evening of laughter and relaxation and hopefully leave with a smile on your face.

We have new people for you to meet on stage in our little bar in Nebraska and our loveable Enrique running the bar in Mexico. We have a cast this year of 13 actors to entertain you and everyone is excited about this performance and we hope you will be too.

From our start, three years ago, with 6 people responsible for everything, we have grown to have 19 people involved in our production. And, of course, we welcome newcomers to join us at any time. We anticipate this production will take place around the 24th and 25th of February and perhaps the 3rd and 4th of March as well. Be sure to watch the Rocky Point Times Newspaper next month for the final dates of performance.
As always, performances are free and donations are accepted at the door if you wish. See you there!

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