Peñasco Maintains Strong Flow Of Tourism

Real Estate Crisis Believed to Have Already Hit Bottom

Despite the undeniable a negative effects of the economic downturn in the United States, Which has already hit bottom, throughout 2007 Puerto Penasco maintained a high rate of tourism and sustains a clear upward tendency, revealed Epifanio Salido Pavlovich, head of the Sonora Commission on the Promotion of Tourism.

Salido Pavlovich detailed that by the end of the year, foreign tourism had increased by nearly 11%, topping out at 1,700,000 visitors, 80% of these from Arizona. Likewise, national tourism increased by 14% totaling more than 400,000 visitors. Therefore, reports for 2007 registered a grand total of 2.1 million tourists to the area.

The tourism official remarked that although ther remain many challenges to address, the city’s potential continues to be positive and the area is still the star destination in Sonora. He added that the state and municipal governments are jointly working on efforts to focus on areas that are lacking.

Salido Pavlovich stated that in 2008 they will have to generate concrete solutions in the areas of housing, potable water and others of basic infrastructures brought on by the same “boom” in tourism.

He stated that the 2007 economic downturn and real estate crisis in the United States had a strong impact on Penasco. However, he stated, this is something that has already hit bottom and now phase of recuperation can be expected.

He believes that by mid-2008 the economic crisis will have passed, and added that till now this has not caused the withdrawal of investments from the port.

The coordinator for the Sonora Comission on the Promotion of Tourism remarked that, despite everything, the annual average for Puerto Penasco has been favorable. He added that though there was a slowdown in investment, the flow of tourism did not drop; to the contrary, this remained at high levels.

He reiterated that the crisis has already hit bottom and period of recuperation has begun. He expects that this will positively impact the city as the shining northwestern part of the country in the area of tourism.

Retyped by Claudia Cardenas

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