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There are properties that change of owner up to three times a year By: Denise Lopez
Puerto Peñasco
Issue #395 09/18/2006 
Puerto Peñasco is number one in real estate within the state of Sonora, especially in the areas of land and condominiums. And, appreciation is getting more lucrative with every passing day. A clear example can be reflected in the buildings that, in the same year, have gone through three ‘inscriptions’. That means that a property has had up to 3 owners in the same year. “Each time they ask us for a Lien Certificate, we know that there is a buy-sell operation. This is because notaries ask for it when they want to check the status of the property”, he said. 

But the strongest boom has been in the last two years. Until 2004, there were only 20,000 inscriptions in the registry book. Right now, there are 27,300. This indicates that more than 20% of the operations of this office have been realized in the last two years. Perez Herrera explained that there is also a strong increment in the presence of societies focused to commerce and SIGER (System for Registry Management). The civil employee explained that the function of the Public Registry of Property (today ‘Icreson’), is to spread the registered acts. That way they can inform third parties about it. This provides legal security to the new owners. 

He remembered that the cadastre office initiated operations 26 years ago, but the strongest activity has occurred in the last five years. Fortunately, it will continue to grow at the same rate of this tourist destination. SEPTEMBER, THE MONTH OF THE WILL Although there is no official information on behalf of the General Direction of Icreson, or notification about the Month of the Will, it is expected that this activity will be realized in September. Last year there was little response on behalf of the population, since only ten to twelve people attended the event. For that reason, the community has received a request to go this time. After all, it will not represent a cost for them. “People are scared to make a will because they relate it with death. But, in reality, it is a matter of culture and security for the family”, he emphasized. 

The process is quite simple. An holographic will is made by the author’s hand. Later, a civil employee authorizes it with the identification of the author and two witnesses. It’s in the best interest of the authors to leave no problems to their family members. Since their will is documented, there is no reason for family disputes for the inheritance that he leaves behind.END OF ARTICLE

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