Peñasco delivered Destiny Makers Awards 2011

Mayor Alejandro Zepeda Munro with his wife Marcela Zepeda Albelaiz of council officials and led the delivery of prizes · Forgers of Destiny 2011 “where we recognized the young athletes in our town who have excelled in national tournaments.
During the emotional ceremony at the Municipal Gym and was attended by hundreds of peñasquenses and proud parents who gathered at the event, the Mayor presented awards to outstanding athletes and those he received the Award of Destiny Smith .
Munro Zepeda awarded the effort of young people who gave their soul to one hundred percent in each of the sports and thus managed to put up the name of Rocky being and an example of effort, courage and dedication.
He extended the appreciation to all athletes, football players, basketball players, coaches, baseball players, boxers and many more athletic than their fight and tenacity to triumph represented our city in important regional and national competitions.
¨ All you bring success stories to give it to Cliff, you made us state and national champions, here in these sports heroes, we have the destiny makers need Peñasco ¨, he said.
¨ The citizens of Puerto Peñasco · Added ¨, we should be proud of who we are, because in the face of these athletes are each one of us, are the parents of these children who have instilled discipline, faith in self, love and pride for their land ¨, he said.
Alejandro Zepeda said the pride that all citizens of Puerto Peñasco these talented young people who managed to break all barriers and won that fight, thanking everyone who believed in his talent, commitment and experience putting the knowledge of others.
He noted that these athletes invite us to think big to believe that if podernos achieve what we set out to invite us to remember that rocaportenses are made for success, vision, strength and momentum to the push.
¨ athletes recognize today is the hotbed of Cliff, our best young and better children, our best men and women of our best ¨ external.
On behalf of all the winners, the young Aldo Bañaga thanked all present for their support for the athletes, stressing that without the support of coaches, parents, family and local authorities would never have been possible to reach your goal.

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