Peñasco community member flock to two of three city cementary

Peñasco community member flock to two of three city cementary
Lively festivities surround Day of the Dead
Festivities surrounding the traditional Day of the Dead were alive and well in Puerto Peñasco on Sunday, November 2nd, when Peñasco Community members literally streamed into city cemeteries encountered “traffic jams,” as did the access areas.
The fact that the celebration of the deceased coincided with the weekend was undoubtedly a factor for the two cemeteries (known as the old and the new) to fill up with people and a multicolor scenery of flowers and traditional wreaths.
The situation was completely different at the 3rd, recently opened, cemetery located in the neighborhood of Nuevo Peñasco. Only a few visitors visited that area to honor the five people buried there.
In driving around the city that day, it could be seen that hundreds and hundreds of people made their way to the local cemeteries in order to honor and keep the tradition of the Day of the Dead alive.
A constant influx of people could be observe throughout the day, and the majority of tombstone were adorned even if only with a simple humble flower.  Yet, as in other years, there were some stones that sadly remained completely abandoned.
Music was not lacking during the celebration, particularly in the “new” cemetery (cemetery number 2), where from different points one could hear musical groups striking up melodies once cherished by their loved ones who have passed on.
On Sunday, November 2nd, many families took advantage of the day to prepared meals next to the graves of their loved ones. Walking through the cemetery, one could inhale the wafting smells of grilled steak, fish, and ceviche, among other popular dishes.
Tarps to counter the strong sun and intense heat felt on Day of the Dead were set up around the city cemeteries, except at cemetery number 3.
At the newly created, and practically empty, cemetery at the end of Juan Aldama St. floral wreaths were placed on four of the five tombstones.
Mr. Francisco De Jesus Damian Bautista, brother-in-law of the first person buried in the third city cemetery, stated the urgency to build a fence around the area in order to better preserve the gravesites. He noted, however, that he was pleased to see that little-by-little the new area is beginning to be used.
Benjamin Ortega Blanco , administrative director of Public Services, reported that due to budget concern it was not possible to begin construction on the perimeter fence for the new (3rd) cemetery, which will be done as soon as municipal funds become available.
It is important to point out that among the joyous and saddened faces, particularly for those who had just recently felt the loss of a loved one, there was also a notable presence of security and public service staff on hand to assist people, particularly with supplying water to clean off the tombstone.
As in other years, from early on until the sun set on the horizon, those who greatly benefited from the event included florists and those selling wreaths, food vendors and those selling additional items such as warm bread.

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