Padres Announces works

Inauguran Alcalde y el Gobernador del Estado pavimento de la Calle Miguel Hidalgo

This year it will begin construction of the Convention and Visitors Center in Rocky Point that will help generate more employment sources and more people visit this city, said the governor Guillermo Padres.
In his working trip to the “Tu Tu Governor in Cologne” the State Executive explained that 50% of the investment is going to provide the federation, 25% of the State Government and the other 25% of the municipality.
On the public beach is said to be built in the grounds of the University of Sonora with an investment of more than 100 million pesos, which was given on loan.
It also projected that they will continue the second phase of the coastal road in order to have a faster flow to the tourism sector with an investment of 15 million pesos.

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