Oyster Farms in Rocky Point

BY/ Edna Terrazas


The history of the oyster faros of Puerto Peñasco lies with the settlers of this city due to the Fact. That in the 1970s when it was decided to utilize the Morua Estuary for this activity, it was the site of a shipwreck of a Viking-type vessel, which was known as Barco Viejo. On weekends, townsfolk would take the family out to see it, due to the shallow water.

  These days the place is visited annually by thousands of tourists, both national and foreign, who appreciate the beautiful scenery, and also by those who love the succulent and flavorful oysters, taken fresh from the sea to the table. There is also cevcheof sierra and cochito fish. Prices are also very attractive.

  Only 7 kilometers from the city on the highway to Caborca, close to the Las Conchas cutoff, you will see the access road to the oyster farms. The road is in good condition and can accommodate all types of of vehicles, but it should be noted that if you are in a small car, take the high road as the tide can come in quite suddently.

  In the area there are three oyster farms, one of which is owned solely by women. A group of 16 womwn and their families, who on weekends take turns working the restaurant, serving customers typical seafood dishes

  If you think you would like to taste these wonderful oysters taken right from the sea, do not hesitate to visit the Oyster Farm of Puerto Peñasco.




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