October: Great month for free Diving and free dive spear fishing

OCTOBER: Great month for free Diving and free Dive spear Fishing

The month of October is my favorite month of the year, not only because it is my birthday, also because the weather is perfect in Rocky Point, RCPM has the Circus Mexicus Concert, sunsets are fabulous, water temperature is still warm and there are a plenty of days with clear waters perfect for snorkeling, kayaking, kite surfing and also free diving and spear fishing.  One very interesting man I met in Rocky Point and now I am fortunate to call my friend is Carlo Bonacci.  We met kite surfing at the beach and have been friends since.  If we go out on a boat I snorkel and he goes spear fishing for lunch.  I had the pleasure to interview him:
R: Hello Carlo, tell us a bit about yourself:
C: I am a Geriatric Neurophysiologist, so I work with the elderly who have mental problems and memory disorders and I spend most of my free time doing water sports like free diving and kite surfing.  I have lived in Washington D.C., Italy, New Jersey and California where I got free diving.  I now live in Phoenix.  I started diving for abalone in Northern California which now that I look back on was insane; it is freezing cold water, terrible visibility, high currents and high shark attack rates.
R: So you like Extreme sports:
C: Yes bit I didn’t know it was an extreme sport initially.  I really got into it because of tranquility of diving, I love to swim around in the ocean and look around in the ocean and look around at the sea life down there, follow the stingrays, and other sea animals.  There is calming effect of diving into the deep, straight down, it is different when you go into a reef and the things you can look at than when you are diving into the open blue and just feel yourself getting deeper and deeper feeling the pleasure of the water heavier and heavier on you, you are floating in there and you stop swimming but you continue to sink, once you reach certain point you reach what is called negative buoyancy which is like a freedom, like flying underwater.  When you train a little bit free diving you get really comfortable and after some 45 seconds of diving you feel pretty free, when I got to that point I started fishing for abalone and then free dive spear fishing.
R: What is it that you like about free diving in Rocky Point?
C: One of the things I like is the proximity.  Since I live in Arizona, Rocky Point is the closest beach to us, so we typically dive in San Diego and the Sea of Cortez.  Rocky Point is my choice because it is much less crowed and more convenient than the other choices I have.  I also like its easy-going ambiance and character, and for me it has become a very comfortable setting.  I feel very safe there, just taking the precautions I would take anywhere else.  It is especially nice because it is a small community and I like the familiarity of it.
R: What would you say about the water temperature compared to San Diego?
C: The water is much warmer in Rocky Point and that is of the big plusses, water temperature, you can dive probably May through October with just shorts.  If anything you can use a 1 mil long sleeve top, but nothing more.  In San Diego you need a full 6 mil suit or you would be very cold.
R: What would you say about the cost of going Rocky Point?
C: Rocky Point is just a much more convenient spot.  It is much easier to get around, find a place to stay that is reasonable and I can afford, than it would be in San Diego.  You have so many more obstacles there, even just parking in San Diego at dive spot is a bit of a challenge.  Rocky Point you can drive right to the point we want to dive off and Kayak all around.  It is very convenient.
R: What is your favorite sport in Rocky Point for Diving?
C: The spot out in front of the Reef Restaurant on Sandy Beach, there is some really good structure there, enormous rocks and visibility is better because it is not so affected with the sand of Cholla bay.  For just snorkeling, there is place called Don’s Ponds which is a little preserve with a lot of Marine life like halibut, octopus, a lot of star fish, stingray, all kinds of shells and little fish, and once in a while we get to see good size fish in there because they are well preserved since no one is supposed to be fishing in that area for a while.  Unfortunately, I have seen some net scraps in that area recently which means that rule may not be respect as it should.  Bird island is also great.  You need a boat to get there, but there is also a lot of underwater structure there and you can dive anywhere from 2 feet to 80 feet and see all kinds of stuff.  There is a sloping pinnacle and visibility is great, I like it especially in the summer months when the water is warm, there is also more interesting fish including yellowtail.  You may even get to see a blue shark, and also you can swim with the sea lions which are very playful and fun to watch.  Just stay away from the males who will bark at you.  It is females who are very curios  and they will be twice your size and swim right next to you.  There are very graceful under water.


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