Not all Mexican investments are iffy

As an investor in Mexico, I found the article Sunday “Prime deal, prime debacle for Rocky Point investors” very one-sided with regard to real estate investment in Rocky Point.

Although there are obviously problems with the Playa Norte development, there are many other developments in Rocky Point that have been handled professionally, without litigation, and delivered with exceptional quality.

Our investment in Las Palomas Seaside Golf Community in Rocky Point has been an extremely positive experience, with the developer delivering on all of their promises of infrastructure (an 18-hole championship golf course, convention center, restaurants, pools, etc).

Moreover, our specific condo was delivered with a short punch list of six minor items. Our experience with the delivery quality in Mexico was much better than we experienced with our primary house in the U.S.

Clearly, anyone investing in foreign real estate needs to do his or her due diligence, and the investments are not without risk. But when done properly, foreign real-estate investment can be a productive asset. – Jim Sikora, Scottsdale  

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