Northwestern of Sonora Mexico

Border, beachfront and desert..

Northwestern Sonora, Mexico, is a dynamic border region, a rich and tranquil beachfront of the Sea of Cortez, a desert full of wonders and beaming life.
It is a large extension of land with immense plains, thriving commercial and tourist activities, agriculture and cities full of life and regional values that are unique in the world.
A singular geological area, with its own history and  original nature and life, Sun, sky, sand and sea that may seem inhospitable and inhabitable are full of life and wonders. Here you can find sites that witnessed great and unforgettable stories.
This geographic are was discovered over five centuries ago. Its towns and villages hold a cultural legacy of first colonizers and maintain their natural pristine beauty, along with the religious history of missionaries like Padre Kino.

Your trip through Northwestern Sonora in this magazine, includes cities like Caborca, Sonoyta, Puerto Peñasco and San Luis Colorado. It is a region that shares its history with the “conquest of the desert”, the farming pioneers and trailblazers on the sand and mountains.
Now this area, with roads and towns, shares the nature and adventure in the Sea Of Cortez, the Upper Gulf of California and the Colorado river delta.
For the centuries, this has been a place of interest in the volcanic zone of El Pinacate.
The towns once populated by fish men and hunters are modernized and transformed into agriculture emporiums, wildlife hunting ranches, beach destinations and cities with a dynamic local and international commerce.
Added to this growing infrastructure of hotels and condominiums, roads and highways and communications, which enable the international tourist to share the local culture, gastronomical delicacies and “fiestas”.
South of Arizona and Southeast of California, Northwestern Sonora is Mexico’s Mediterranean,  the World’s Aquarium, a unique land, where the desert meets the sea.

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