No Pay Raises For Municipal Managers

The expense budget for 2010 in the municipality of Puerto Peñasco was approved unanimously, following a sharp reduction in resources for city departments, including the Municipal DIF and City Hall. In addition there will be no salary increases for municipal managers.

Members of City Council authorized spending for 2010 for the amount of 288,712,446 pesos.

Mayor Alejandro Zepeda Munro stated he was happy with the process that led to the approval of the budget, emphasizing  that they had made allowances to assure more efficient use of funds.

His office implemented a decrease of 47% when compared to last year’s budget in 2009.He indicated as a sign of the care with which the funds in 2010 will be managed.

Zepeda Munro stated that another area where decreased spending was seen was in the office for Integral Family Development (DIF), with close to a 27% reduction when compared to the spending of 2009.

In spite of these decreases  Mayor Munro stated that they would still be increasing support and services. It is worth mentioning that in 2010 it is projected that 266 grocery vouchers will be granted and the following year will be raised to 100 vouchers which is a 400% increase.

Some areas of the budget cannot be decreased like outstanding debt with the Treasury. Spending for the departments of Public Works, Public Services, and Public Safety should remain similar to last year. It is hoped that with proper negotiation with the Federal Government that new projects can be implemented.

Zepeda Munro did not mince words when it came to salary increases for municipal managers. If however they produce positve results and are accountable with the funds provided, that situation may change the following year.

The Mayor said that in the event the State Congress were to adjust the income budget, they would then have to modify the approved budget as well. In addition, as required, during the year they will take the necessary action as required by the different municipal departments.

Zepeda Munro restated that generally they are satisfied with the budget, but in some departments like DIF and City Hall they needed to deduct from their budgets. At the same time, this requires them to to make more responsible use of the public’s money, he explained.

The Mayor stated that for 2010 they are developing numerous public works projects, public safety, and community affairs, and mentioned that he was confident they will have enough funds in order to complete the projects.

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