New tourism and commercial complex will provide boost in port area

New tourism and commercial complex will provide boost in port area

Mayor deems this is a sign of confidence in peñasco


A new tourism and commercial complex, representing an estimated investment of nearly 5000 million pesos, is already under construction in the port area. This undoubtedly will provide s positive boost for this sector, affirmed Mayor Heriberto Renteria Sanchez.


The Mayor indicated the development underway involves construction on a area of 46,426 square meters and represents a sign of confidence and optimism on the part of investors towards Puerto Peñasco.


He stressed the project, involving Mexican investors, named “Puerto Mio, Rocky Point Marina, Resort & Spa”, was designed by the Metropoli architecture Group and will be located on lot 1 of block 1 in the port area, which once was home to an industrial building of the corporation Procesamar.


Mayor Renteria Sanchez indicated the integral project will encompass 28 commercial units and 7 office spaces available for rent, a 40 room hotel, six movie theaters and parking lot for up to 401 cars, within an area of 46,000 square meters.


The mayor noted the first phase is already underway, which includes the commercial area of 28 spaces that will be available to rent.


He reiterated this investment, estimated at nearly 500 million pesos, is a positive sign of confidence in Puerto Peñasco during these times of crisis.


The city leader stated that similar to the launching of this development in the port area, they are aware of other investment groups who are ready to reactive their projects, including Perla del Mar and Las Palomas, among others.


He remains optimistic as the flow of private investment represents, in addition to a sign of confidence in the area, the creation of jobs, an area that has been seriously affected by the crisis.



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