New Local rates and no Roaming while in Rocky Point.

AT&T and Verizon launched a new cell phone plan in May to aid those who frequently call Mexico. This is much needed, as so many travel to or are expatriates living in Mexico and calling can get expensive. The demand is mostly in the southwestern states, Arizona being the top state to need this new service.  “There has been a lot of demand for this type of plan, especially in Arizona, for those who may travel a great deal to Mexico,” Verizon spokeswoman Jenny Weaver said. The plan is called “Nationwide Plus Mexico” and run $54.99 for one line and $84.99 for two.

This is great news to those that travel to Mexico frequently, because US cell phone usage is not only expensive, but at times unreliable. Sometimes calls are dropped, calls don’t go through, and it is a general headache. Concurrently, calling from a Mexican cell phone to the United States is costly as well. There will be no long distance roaming charges or long distance charges added to this price. Communication across the border will mean more commerce for Mexico and Arizona. This unlimited calling plan is very popular, and should yield great results over the coming months among cell phone users.

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