New Airport Inaugurated in Record Time

Puerto Peñasco is the most important tourist development point in the country.

In record time, after just under nine months of construction, the first phase of he new Mar de Cortes International Airport of Puerto Peñasco was inaugurated. This first phase of a new airport represents an initial investment of 30 million dollars.

During a ceremony highlighting that Peñasco is now the most important tourist development point in the country, Sonora Governor Eduardo Bours Castello made the inaugural statements of the new aerial center where, just minutes before, he had landed aboard an enormous plane of the Mexican AirForce.

Before guest, business leaders and governmental officials from the three levels of government, Carlos Mora Alvarez, Vice-president of Institutional Relations for the Mayan Group, affirmed that this is an explosive investment made possible through the strategic alliance of the state government and his group along with the collaboration of the federal government.

He explained that the first phase includes a landing strip measuring 2,500 meters in length and 60 meters wide with the ability to receive 737 planes in three positions, and ARJ145 planes in three simultaneous positions.

Mora Alvarez remarked that a total investment of 60 million dollars is programmed for the remainder of the project, set to conclude in 2009. at that time the facility will be able to meet the needs of nearly 80,000 passengers a year, with the goal that by 2025 this amount reaches up to 250,000.

He pointed out that the Mayan Group is participating in the construction, operation and administration of the airport. The role of the Sonoran government, meanwhile, has been in the area of promotion and paperwork, but above all its extraordinary vision to promote this new pole of tourist development as the most important in the country, above that of the Mayan Riviera and Los Cabos.

The vice-president of Institutional Relations for the Mayan Group expressed that the first phase of the Mar de Cortes airport generated more than 350 jobs, amount that will duplicate through its final construction.

He emphasized that in planning and executing the airport infrastructure project, they took special care in the area of environmental impact and are working jointly with all the offices involved.

Governor Eduardo Bours made public acknowledgement of the Mayan Group because just in nine months they were able to complete construction on the first phase of the international airport.

He stated that fortunately, they were able to comply with all the “daunting” bureaucratic procedures in order to begin operations of the Mar de Cortes airport. This, he noted, will surely strengthen the success that Peñasco has already had, in ceasing to depend solely on “highway tourism”, which currently represents 95% of the whole picture.

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