New Airport

With an investment topping 450 million pesos, the new international sea of cortez will attract more tourism to Puerto Peñasco as a complement to aspects of drawing in visitors by land, air and sea, remarked outgoing Sonora Governor Eduardo Bours.


During his twenty-second tour through Puerto Peñasco, and his last as Sonora Governor, Bours Castelo, assured that the boom of Puerto Peñasco is just the beginning of what is in store for the Riviera of Sea of Cortez.


After reviewing advancements at the airport, which will be officially inaugurated shortly, the Sonoran leader recalled that when the idea was planted to build a new airport in Peñasco, there were those who called them crazy. This was similar to the reaction received for the Coastal Highway, which is now a reality for the San Luis-Gulf of Santa Clara-Peñasco stretch.


He noted that during his administration they had bet not solely on highway tourism, which is the traditional source for this destination, but also on complementing this through possibilities by sea and air.


Bours castelo stressed the Sea of Cortez airport is a reality that will create an enormous flow of visitors to Peñasco, as is also expected from the construction of a cruise ship home port, currently already on the table and advancing.


He believed that within 20 to 25 years Peñasco will be well above Cabos and other tourism destinations in Mexico, with an extraordinary future strengthened with the sea of cortez international airport and the upcoming cruise ship home port






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