National DIF Hill support Puerto Peñasco

Confidence that National DIF Hill support Puerto Peñasco

Margarita Zavala de Calderón provides positive response

By José Antonio Pérez.


            There is a confidence that Puerto Peñasco Hill receive support from the National system for Integral Family Development (DIF), given the positive response of National DIF President Mrs. Margarita Zavala de Calderon, declared Minerva Ramirez de Renteria.

            Ramirez de Renteria, Municipal DIF President, stated she was able to explain to Zavala Calderon, wife of Mexican President Felipe Calderon, the need to speed up the opening of the Care Center for Addictions and support for equipping the Children’s Shelter currently under construction.

            “We met with National DIF President in San Luis Rio Colorado and she indicated that there would soon be answers to the issues we addressed and even offered to come to Rocky Point”, affirmed Ramirez de Renteria.

            Ramirez de Renteria pointed out that in the particular case of the Children’s Shelter, construction has already finished and it currently has about 30% of the equipment require, it is expected to open before the end of the year.

            That is why, she said, indepently of the support that the National DIF may be able contribute, they continue working on activities to raise funds needed to provide appropriate care to less fortunate children in this city.

            The Municipal DIF President confirmed that gradually they have taken necessary steps to achieve the level of care that the children of Peñasco who need it deserve.

             Ramirez de Renteria expressed that fortunately, they have the support of the municipal government, the state government, altruistic organizations and different sectors of the society in fulfilling the need to provide a new building abused or abandoned children.

            The Municipal DIF Children’s Shelter, construction of which began on October 2007, is located between Juan Aldama Ave. and Marcelo Pino St. on an area of 524 square meters.  The facility has an access area, main hall, waiting room, visitor’s room and two areas of doctor’s offices.

            The building also includes two dormitory areas and an area for cradles, boys and girls bathrooms, visitors’ restrooms, kitchen and pantry, dining room, ironing and laundry room, as well as a recreation area.  The facility is being made possible through an investment of over 4 million pesos.

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