Motorcycle Rally

This event iimagess only once a year in Rocky Point Puerto Peñasco. In the month of November most part is the first week of the month. We have notice that there’s allot people come from really far away states. Then just the states are found close to the border, which are only 3 states. People that last 2 to 3 days driving on their motorcycle just get to the main event. Not only people from United States as well from south Mexico come to show of their bikes.  The event last 3 to 4 days with allot of activities for the motorcycle drivers. And obviously the wet t-shirts at the beach can’t forget them there the main event too. Later in the afternoon as it starts getting darker every biker knows the spot to be is at 13 streets. Are you can drink all you can and eat tacos all you can as well? With the best beef tacos in rocky point joining them with a cold beer. Will notice people doing tricks or burning out rubber. There be times they will burn them till the pops. Or there be times when the motor gets so hot that melts the gasoline line. And the motorcycle caches in fire everybody is throwing beer at it to turn out the fire. Its is always a new experience every year the comes around plus better motorcycles come then last year.

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